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Pet Cremation

We care for your needs of tomorrow.

He was a member of your family and you care what happens to him now. The loss of a loved family pet is always an emotional and difficult experience. And one of concern… What consideration should you show your pet’s remains?

Just as we care about our pets’ health and comfort today, we are concerned with the safe and humane disposition of the pet after its passing.

We anticipate your concern by offering crematory services to sensibly answer this need. Humane and safe, cremation is the accepted manner of disposition, endorsed by animal lovers and doctors.

Caring as you do for your pet’s well-being today, you should anticipate his or her future need. It can be important to understand the true manner in which your pet’s remains will be handled. This may be a form of comfort in time of need. Our crematory service is available at your request.

It is our mission to help you with some important decisions with a spirit of deep respect at a time which may be difficult.

Pre-need Pet Cremation (Learn more now)

Private cremation services at your request. Anticipate the need to be prepared when your loyal pet friend passes away. We seldom contemplate the unexpected, yet showing respect to that loyal friend is your obligation.

At The Saint Francis Group we understand why you care. Today we are here to help you make an educated decision which encompasses integrity as well cost savings. Pre-need pet cremation services which offer you peace of mind and give you the opportunity to say good bye in a calm and respectful atmosphere. For your convenience we can deposit your cremation service fees into a secure account which will guarantee your services for as long as your pet lives.

Your personal Pre-need account is very affordable and includes many service options as well a beautiful selection of urns to choose from. Private pet cremation is the only services we offer to pet owners in a Pre-need format. Check out our website and choose the plan that’s right for you. www.sfpcweb.com

Life is more complicated now more than ever! Planning ahead will prevent emotional overspending and protect your family’s interest.

Lower cost– Waiting to make arrangements will cost your family more money. Payment in full must be made at time of death when you can least afford to deplete your assets. Everyone can afford to make pre-need arrangements. It’s a matter of choosing a plan that is write for you.

Making the difficult decision of planning for the loss of your pet is best done while your emotions are at ease. When we are in the middle of grief, the decision on what is best for us and your pet is sometimes clouded. Pre-need enrollment is designed to assist you in preparing for this difficult time.

I have dedicated my life’s work in pursuit of integrity and kindness towards pets and their owners. I stand firm with my commitment to you and offer cost savings in the event the worse happens.

Thomas Carroll
Saint Francis Group