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Company Profile

Saint Francis Pet Funeral Services and Crematory was founded with the simple principle to provide the public with honest and confidential pet service at the time of loss.

It began in 1970 in the Chicago area with our company founder, John T. Carroll Jr. He was the first in the United States to specialize in pet cremation services, and the tradition continues today as we still provide professional specialty services.

Having passed our 30th anniversary, we begin 2000 with an overwhelming response to our services. This can be attributed to a fundamental shift in preference on the part of pet owners towards pet cremation as a respectful and healthy last chapter for a companion pet family member.

We have recently expanded our professional services to the Equine market. New operations have been established in Winnebago county, servicing in and beyond the greater Chicago land area. Through the Internet, we are now able to offer our services throughout the U.S.