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My Crystal Companion “How to Keep Your Best Friend…Forever”

For every time she licked your face,
For all the shoes she gnawed,
For all the spills and all the mess and all the dirty paws,
For following the kids to school and scaring you to death,
And putting on that soulful look aimed at your dinner guests,
It goes so fast, it seems last week that she was jumping up,
If there were just some way to say, for me you’re still that pup.

Memorialize your pet with love.

Saint Francis Pet Crematory

Is proud to offer “My Crystal Companion”,
Beautiful sculptured art glass that holds the remains of your pet.

As essential part of grieving, keeping the cremated remains in crystal form serves to capture life’s essence in a new and beautiful way. This patented process is available exclusively through Chicago’s highly respected Saint Francis Pet Crematory or through your veterinarian.