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Partitioned Cremation

Saint Francis Pet Crematory will pick up your companion pet from your veterinarian.

Your companion pet is given an tracking identification number by the referring veterinarian or Saint Francis personnel. The cremation of your pet is tracked by this number throughout the cremation process.

Owner’s privacy and individual pet identities are always respected.

The incinerator enables us to perform partitioned cremations without compromising your pet’s remains.

Each partitioned cremation includes a Free Certificate of Cremation to the pet owners at the time of cremation.
The costs are as follows for the partitioned cremation option. Additional urn charges apply with the return of ashes.

Extra Small 0 lbs. – 5 lbs. $50
Small 5 lbs. – 20 lbs. $100
Medium 21 lbs. – 40 lbs. $120
Large 41 lbs. – 60 lbs. $140
Extra Large Over 60 lbs. $180

Pickups at the home or veterinary clinics not affiliated with The Saint Francis Group are billed at a flat rate of $200.00 during regular business hours for all weight classes.

Key Benefits:

  • Partitioned cremations are administered with a partitioned incinerator, which separates each animal from one another
  • Partitioned cremations promote clean air emissions
  • Provide a cost savings to companion animal owner
  • Cremations are tracked by it’s own identification number
  • Partitioned Cremations include a certificate of cremation