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Customer Letters

The following letters from our customers are shown here to convey our sense of caring and support that we provide. Each of these letters was written by a pet owner who had just gone through a difficult time, and who appreciated our approach.

Dear Tom ,

I can’t thank you enough for your quick and professional response to our needs in regard to “Sophie”. You have gone above and beyond in regard to this matter! I know that Ms. Winfrey was very please with your work.

Thank you again for everything, Siri
Blum Animal Hospital


I had to write a note to let you know how impressed I am with the beautiful delft blue porcelain vase my dear little “Tammy” came home in. It’s her — feminine, delicate, beautiful. It’s beyond comfort knowing I have her here with me. I have the certificate right next to her with her picture.

You perform a wonderful service for those of us who choose cremation for our pets. Tammy was not “just” a pet — she was my trusted friend & confidant. She gave her love, loyalty & devotion freely. It was an honor to be loved by her. I have 14 years of wonderful memories.

Thanks again — Judy Sleigher

Dear St. Francis,

On June 3, you cremated a dog named Sarah. She was a very special little lady who shared seven wonderful years with me.

Knowing in March her life was soon to end, I tried to decide between cremation and burial. I favored the former but was afraid Sarah’s ashes and only Sarah’s ashes might not be returned to me. I was afraid that the crematory would not treat her individually but would include her with other pets. I no longer have this fear.

Your organization handled Sarah’s cremation professionally and with dignity. You treated her as though she was as important to you as she had been and still is to me. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Linda Nevalainen

I was touched by the sensitivity used during this painful ordeal. The beautiful card sent to me has been framed. The loss of my dear companion (“Snowball”) of 16 years has been eased somewhat because of you.

JoAnn Hansen

Dear Mr. Carroll:

We truly appreciate your kind, extensive service at the death of our beloved 12 year old dachshund “Sam”. Though it was so hard to lose him, your consideration helped us so much.

Many Thanks,
Tom and Arleen Pientke

Mr. Carroll & Staff,

I want to thank you for the obvious care you took of my dog Chrissie on November 2, and also for the kind note of condolence. She was a wonderful friend and companion to me for 16 years. I was very lucky to have had her for so long, and I am very grateful to those who appreciated that loss.

I thank you again for your kindness and care.

Jean Koss

Dear Tommy,

Thank you.

You made a very difficult situation much easier with your compassion and understanding. Each of us is grateful to know that we can count on you in times of crisis.

You are truly a sweetie!

Suzanne, Cheryl & Sioux


Thai “Snorkie Klippert, 17, of Des Plaines, IL, Siamese Cat, beloved mate of “Big Mac”; devoted mother of Junior & Travis Miller (West Chester, OH) and 3 other kittens (whereabouts unknown). She was born in a flower box at the Klippert Greenhouses on Oakton Street in April of 1977 and spent some of her last moments in a towel-lined flower tray in a little greenhouse on Oakwood Avenue on April 25, 1994. She was the owner of, and is mourned by, Al & Bette Klippert of Des Plaines. She was a “real cool cat” and will never be forgotten!

Thank you so very very much for your kind expression of sympathy.
We surely do miss our little “Snorkie”!

Al & Bette Klippert

I am so grateful for the talk we had and it gave me the peace I needed. Thank you again.

He has a special place now — the urn is near us always and that is where he always wanted to be.

Thomas & Mildred Seegrue
(Muffet’s Mom & Dad)

Dear St. Francis Pet,

My husband and I would like to thank you for the thoughtfulness and care you gave our precious Molly.

Molly always slept in a wooden bed my husband made for her. She loved it. So we felt her final resting place should be made of wood. The wooden crematory box Molly is in is beautiful. The card you sent of Saint Francis was very comforting. We framed the card and put it next to Molly’s picture.

Molly was very special to us and she will never be forgotten. Thanks again.

Chuck and Linda Utter

Saint Francis Pet —

Thank you for your thoughtfulness. You will always be special in our hearts.

The urn is beautiful and allows myself and my son to have even more beautiful memories of our precious Suki. We will keep her with us forever.

Cecilia and Royal Fulton

Thank you for the respect & care with which you treated my cat. The saying on the urn is lovely, and the certificate was a nice surprise too.

Ann Brennan

Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for the way you handled my dog, Duke. The urn his ashes are in is beautiful and I really appreciated the condolence card.

People often forget what an important part a dog plays in a person’s life and what a sadness and loss a person feels when his pet goes. Duke meant a lot to me and your kindness helped ease the pain.

Tom, thank you again for everything.

Jan Zabin

Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending us your expression of sympathy on the loss of our dog.

We do so much appreciate your understanding of our loss.

Mrs. T. J. Hollingsed

Saint Francis Pet Crematory

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your beautiful card that you forwarded to us upon the recent loss of our pet dog, Duke.

Your words of comfort meant a lot and it always helps to know that others care and try to understand the sadness such a loss can bring to a home.

Dogs have been part of our household for many years and our home seems so empty. As the days pass, though, we are trying to cope as best we can.

Again, I just wanted to thank you for your gracious and thoughtful gesture. I do want to make sure you receive this letter of thanks and would appreciate you confirming by mail that you have received this letter personally.

Thank you again.

Warm regards,
Leo Riola

To the Folks at St. Francis:

I want to thank you so much for your kindness in the recent disposition of my own pet, Spitfire. It was an emotional several weeks for me immediately prior to his death, but it was of tremendous comfort to me when I received his ashes in the nice bronze urn.

I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtfulness and the caring manner in which the entire cremation procedure is carried out and handled with the pet owner.

Thank you again.

Colleen Curright, DVM
Chicago Cat Clinic

We just had to thank you for the beautiful, personal way you handled the cremation of our beloved dog “Taffy.”

Your words of comfort were very much appreciated as we all dearly miss her.

Being Catholic, it somehow made us feel so much better that she, in a sense, had a Catholic burial.

Thank you again.

The Browden Family

St. Francis Pet Crematory


On January 23, our dog Monique, who we had for very close to 15 years, passed away.

We chose to have her cremated and, through Justice Animal Clinic, the cremation was arranged to be done by you.

This dog was very special and dear to us and I wanted to write to thank you for your kindness in sending a sympathy card and the apparent care that was taken in the return of her ashes. We have another dog who is now 12 years old! We hope that she will remain with us for a very long time yet, but when the time comes, we will want you to do the cremation for her.

Someone who does not own a pet does not realize how they can very much become a part of the family and that losing that pet can be as hard as losing any other part of the family.

Thank you very much for your kindness and sympathy.

Karen A. Stroud

Dear Tom,

Thank you for your expert help regarding this difficult situation. Your patience was greatly appreciated.

Dr’s. Eisenmann & Walshburns & Ada

St. Francis Pet Crematory Staff:

My deepest appreciation for the gentle and kind treatment of my Keeshone – “Gretchen.” The house is very quiet – she was a great girl.

Thank you for the kind correspondence.


Jane McDonald
Gretchen’s Mom

We at St. Francis appreciate the kind letters, and we deeply respect the expression of feeling they represent. Send your letter in today!